Hello, my name is Jared Lockhart and I'm a senior here at Texas State University. Born and raised in small town Camden, Arkansas, I decided to move to Dallas, Texas, in high school and now I reside in San Marcos, Texas. I'm currently pursing a degree in Digital Media Innovations in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Business Administrations. In my last year of classes, I'm looking forward to working on a new set of projects and being able to improve my skill sets in media.

I have alot of different interests and I have many passions. One of favorite things to do is play basketball. I've been playing basketball my whole life and I try to squeeze in time to play at the student recreation center as often as I can. Music is also another passion of mine. I listen to alot of music because there is music for every mood possible that you may be feeling. Also, I attend alot of music concerts and take photos of many artists. Which brings me to another passion of mine, photography. I enjoy photography because it's an extension of a form art and I've always loved art. My favorite pictures are of artists at music festivals such as SXSW when it comes to Austin, Texas.

Because of my many different interests and hobbies, I have a wide range of ideal dream jobs. My first love was sports, so I'd love to be a photography/ videographer on a production team for ESPN or any sports organziation. I'd also enjoy working in the film or music entertainment industry as a creative director, writer, or producer. Drawing and graphic designing is also a skill of mine so I'd be open to designing clothes, cover arts, magazines, etc. for a any large organization some day.


Fav Foods Fav Movies Fav Colors
Shrimp Blow Red
Pizza Menace II Society Black
Ice Cream The Dark Night Gold
Cheesecake The Incredibles Green